This website displays, on the same page, articles of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and exceptions to those articles contained in the UK's Data Protection Act 2018. It aims to assist legal advisers, GDPR consultants and businesses in finding relevant provisions of the data protection legislation. The Data Protection Act 2018 was enacted in May 2018 to supplement and modify the General Data Protection Regulation in the UK.

The tables on this website set out the following on the same page:

  • a Chapter, Section or Article of the GDPR
  • other Articles of the GDPR which are relevant to the interpretation and effect of the Chapter, Section or Article, including the definitions of words contained in that part of the GDPR
  • sections of the Data Protection Act 2108 and the headings of paragraphs in Schedules 1 to 4 of the Act which limit or extend the operation of that part of the GDPR (short paragraphs in the Schedules are quoted in full)
  • links to the full text of those paragraphs in the Schedules to the Data Protection Act, at
  • links to related guidance from the ICO and the EDPB.  

Examples for Article 15 - Subject access requests, and Article 9 - Processing of special categories of personal data

After finding relevant material in the Data Protection Act, users should use the links provided to refer to the full text of the relevant provisions in the Data Protection Act in order to see how the articles of the GDPR have been modified, as the website does not provide the full text of United Kingdom exemptions and derogations from the GDPR. The ICO's guidance on the exemptions in the DPA 2018 gives simplified explanations of these exemptions.

Ways of searching:

  • keyword searches
  • display a particular Chapter, Section or Article, together with related articles
  • highlight in red provisions of particular interest to specific sectors (this is done by using keywords, and the results will not be comprehensive)
  • combine two or more of the above

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